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Where We're Going... and a bit of Where We've Been

Spiritual Thunder has been on an incredible musical journey for over two decades. The soul-stirring folk duo is preparing for their new album to break the surface, once again under the production prowess of Charging Bull Massive Productions.


Spiritual Thunder has performed in a wide variety of spaces, from coffee shops and train stations to pubs, clubs, mid-sized venues and large outdoor festivals.


Where we've been...

Fergie's Pub

North Star Bar

Jumping Cow

7165 Lounge

Twisted Tail

The Fire

Perkins Center for the Arts

3G Lounge

Media Bureau

Moka's Lounge

Upstairs at Nick's

Tin Angel

Middle East

Sam Adams Brewhouse

Camden Riverfront Festival

Dawson Street Pub

Jersey Java & Tea

Markhein Arts Center

Community Arts Center, Wallingford

Latte Lounge

The M Room

South Street Blues


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