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Reggae Super Group Formed 

Members of legendary Philly bands Spiritual Thunder, MOKA SOUL, RK$TDY San Noche and Philly Gumbo, among very many other projects, have joined forces via their shared love of Reggae music to form Reggae Thunder. They perform at various festivals and events throughout the year.


Lead singer Pauline Houston and guitarist Robb McCall have been mainstays on the Philly music scene for over two decades, with multi-faceted projects such as Spiritual Thunder, MOKA SOUL, Robb Fire and Thunderbird! They are both educators as well, heading organizations Raising Music ( and Raising Art ( to bring music and arts education back to our youth! 


Bert Harris is a highly-respected bassist and member of Philly Gumbo as well as Ska-Reggae band RK$TDY, who has played with practically everyone in every style from Jazz to Funk to Blues and yes, lots of Reggae.


In addition to performing with Reggae Thunder, drummer Wesley Rast can currently be found performing with Francis Mbappe and FM Tribe, as well as San Noche, the roots reggae ensemble Wesley founded in 2017, who performs regularly in Philadelphia and the tri-state area.


Adam Flicker is THE reggae keyboardist on the scene, with a style and flair that is truly incomparable. His resume is a "Who's Who" of the Philadelphia music scene and beyond. Currently performing with San Noche, Steal Your Peach and many others, Adam brings an unmatched vibe and musicality to the stage.

Reggae Thunder has been delighting audiences since 2016 with high-energy performances of their unique blend of reggae classics, reggae versions of classic rock and originals. 

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