I am a music producer and supplier of epic soundtracks and ethereal soundscapes for films (major, full-length to short, independent films and everything in between), industrial/commercial music beds/underscores & jingles and any other need for any type of music whether it be dense and intense, or sparse and relaxing.


I do remixes of any type of song and transform it into a unique production -- orchestral, club, dance, EDM or Dub style... and beyond... Audio editing, tracking, etc. 


Composer, Songwriter/Singer, Arranger, Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Mixer/Remixer, Music Educator, Musicologist... basically anything to do with music. Contact me for epic soundtracks, innovative remixes, engaging live performances, in-school residencies and assemblies, after-school programs, music lessons on drums (hand drums and drum set), guitar, bass or keyboards, live and studio sessions, arrangements, production and anything else music related. Let's work together to create greatness.