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Charging Bull Massive Productions
Reggae Thunder

Composer, performer, producer, singer/songwriter,

multi-instrumentalist, arranger...


From prog-rock punk-funk Boston band Modern Art to  folk-rock Philly duo Spiritual Thunder to R&B/Soul powerhouse MOKA to heavy rock extravaganza Thunderbird – throughout all of those projects, continuing to compose and record and perform solo. A trained musician, but the music comes straight from the heart, whether it’s the in-depth analysis of “What Color is Your Soul?” or the light-hearted, just-having-fun-ness of “Sleepin’ On a Rainy Day.” Soundtracks, jingles, background music, from basic arrangements to full-blown orchestra... It’s all pure: vocalist, instrumentalist, mixologist... Tapping in to the Knowisphere of inspiration, vision and sound... original and innovative yet strangely familiar.

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